A service run by the Office Automation Division (OAD) of NIC, DigitalNIC was launched to provide a single window solution to NIC administration and employees for all kinds of administrative, technical and financial activities. It provides dashboard at functional levels such as DG, HoG, HoD, and SIO as well as at individual levels i.e., for employees. 

Some of the key features of DigitalNIC dashboard are Employee Profile, Entitlements, Payments, Income Tax Calculation Sheet, GPF Statement, Form 16, Digital and Physical Assets, Knowledge Cafe, Leave Balance, Projects, Budget Monitoring, NIC Manpower, Online Services i.e. APAR, WCAR, e-Tour, NOC, PAC, Tuition Fee, and News Paper Reimbursement. 

The DigitalNIC Logo is a typeface style with shades of green and blue. The Logo mentions the name of the initiative, which is preceded by shapes of initial letters, D and N.