To assure that the agricultural products in India conform to a specified set of standards approved by the Directorate of Marketing and Inspection, a certification by the Government of India i.e., AGMARK is used. The present AGMARK standards cover quality guidelines for 205 different commodities spanning a variety of pulses, cereals, essential oils, vegetable oils, fruits & vegetables, and semi-processed products such as vermicelli. The term AGMARK was coined by joining the words “Ag” meaning agriculture and “mark” for a certification mark. This term was introduced originally in the bill presented in the Parliament of India for the Agricultural Produce (Grading and Marking) Act. 

The Logo of AGMARK is a brandmark style comprising of a diamond-shaped graphic at the centre that contains the name of the organisation in bilingual form i.e., Hindi and English. “एग मार्क” is written using Devanagari script. The Logo is surrounded by “Government of India” typography, which is also bilingual.