A) Why should I use this website if there are free online websites are available that help in making presentations?

  1. Free online websites/ applications are owned by private entities and are rolled out in a fermium model. Though a free user account can be created, the set of functionalities and features are limited and the usages are limited with certain terms and conditions such as appropriately displaying credits and acknowledgements which may not be applicable to the government.
  2. presentations.gov.in platform provides various reusable assets including presentation templates, layouts, slide transitions, icons and logos exclusively prepared / sourced. Platform has been designed with an objective to reduce the amount of time spent in converting ideas into impactful presentations and also ensure standardized quality of presentations used by the government officials.

B) Why is every template named after a Government Ministry or initiative?

  1. Currently available set of templates are based on the requirement of the apex office(s) and have been designed in the context of key sectors of governance and associated central ministries.

C) Why is a user being allowed to use Govt logos?

  1. These templates are available for download only for government officials for official purposes. Officials would have to follow the norms for their usages. This has been indicated in the T&C.
  2. The logos are made available at the portal, so that the officials use the authentic logos for their presentations and not the distorted ones available on the web.
  3. Based on the identified users and accessibility concerns, an additional layer of authentication shall also be added using “Parichay” authentication of government to facilitate download and usage security.

D) What kind of presentations can a user make; is everything allowed?

  1. User can download .pptx or other template formats of the available templates. These templates are with custom designed layouts, in addition to certain standards followed.

E) When the website opens, first of all, user should be able to see a slide which talks about the template options; that will tell the user what the site is all about; or an Introduction / objective

  1. Introduction and core principles are available in the “About Us” section. A slider banner depicting the features and advantages of templates has been prepared and incorporated at the home page.