About the Website


Presentations.gov.in platform provides reusable resources for creating impactful presentations. Pre-designed templates provide harmonious professional look by adopting standardized colors, fonts, graphics, visual effects etc. Ready to use libraries of templates, icons and logos are provided in order to reduce overall turnaround time for turning “Ideas” into “Presentation”.

Core Principles

Impactful Presentations

Facilitate platform users to design and deliver engaging presentations to convey the desired information and achieve meeting objectives through the use of effective presentation skills.

Visual Harmony

Adoption of unified colour palette and imagery for various themes relevant to government sector for delivering enhanced visual experience.

Balanced Design

Aesthetic slide templates with symmetrical and consistent design across the four quadrants of the screen befitting the natural reading lines for the audience.


Reusable templates and resource libraries consisting of layouts, colours, font style, slide effects and infographic placeholder